Sports Instructors

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Insurance for Sports

From sports instructors to clubs to centres, we’ve got you covered. Energised Insurance Solutions provide comprehensive bespoke cover suited to your individual, or business needs. Whatever your sporting passion, we can arrange the right cover and provide knowledgeable, reliable customer service that goes well beyond the basic.

We cover most activity types, including (but certainly not limited to)

  1. Acting
  2. Aerobics **
  3. Angling
  4. Athletics
  5. Badminton
  6. Baseball
  7. Bird Watching
  8. Bowls
  9. Cheer Leading
  10. Team Building **
  11. Cricket
  12. Croquet
  13. Curling
  14. Cycling
  15. Dance **
  16. Darts
  17. First Aid **
  18. Fitness **
  19. Handicrafts
  20. Marching
  21. Netball
  22. Orienteering
  23. Personal Trainers **
  24. Rambling
  25. Rowing
  26. Snooker
  27. Squash
  28. Swimming ***
  29. Table Tennis
  30. Tennis
  31. Rugby
  32. Yoga **

** Those applying for insurance in an individual capacity are advised to select this application

*** Those applying for swim teachers or swim school insurance are advised to select this application

Why Choose Us?

Established in 1982, has developed a portfolio of clients throughout the UK who operate worldwide. Specialising in a variety of insurances ranging from complex commercial risks to everyday ‘home and contents’ offer bespoke, tailored, insurance solutions to clients’ directly, or as a wholesale broker imparting technical expertise and providing access to niche market areas. We specialise in providing reliable, competitive insurance that is appropriate and affordable.

What insurance do Sports Clubs & Instructors need?

Public liability insurance

Public Liability is often a very important cover, as it can protect you if someone is injured or their property is damaged because of your business. Energised Insurance Solutions offer between £1 million and £10 million in cover, to protect you against this cost.

Employers liability insurance

If you employ people, even part time casual labour, you are legally obliged to take out employers liability insurance & failure to do so could result in heavy fines.

Material Damage

From any equipment you own, or hire in, right up to contents, stock and buildings, if they are owned, will be high on your priority list. Bespoke packages will also include cover for money, goods in transit, and business interruption cover, that will protect your income and cover your expenses if your premises suffer fire, theft, or damage leaving you unable to trade.

Need more details? Feel welcome to contact our team & we’ll get in touch to provide expert insight into how we can help your business, run smoothly with piece of mind that appropriate cover is in place.


In the material world you may have fire extinguishers and intruder alarms. You need to consider the electronic equivalent in the Cyber World. Any intrusion that disrupts any of your business activities can, in addition to loss of turnover, lead to brand and reputation damage, issues with regulation, shareholder/director dissatisfaction, and ultimately financial loss