Energised is a UK Insurance Broking Facility operating in the sports, leisure, entertainment and health & wellbeing sectors. Providing A+ rated security on a UK-wide basis, it offers access to a wide range of covers for individuals, teams, clubs, facilities, venues and attractions.

Insurance designed by BGi.uk with a customer-centric focus utilising the extensive market knowledge available to us and underwriters, for:

  • Sports people, coaches, instructors and personal trainers
  • Sporting bodies, committees and associations
  • Organisers of festivals, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events
  • Leisure operators and visitor attractions
  • Health and Wellbeing schools, practitioners, therapists and teachers

Cover options available include:


Energised will focus on the thousands of smaller operations that are the centre of the UK’s leisure activities and will include businesses such as sea-front arcades and family entertainment centres, children’s farms and ‘brown-sign’ sites.

Sports & Fitness

Energised will provide products across the sporting and fitness arena, including individuals, associations and their members, coaches and instructors, teachers and trainers, sports clubs and, health and fitness centres.

Events & Entertainment

Energised will provide comprehensive cover for a wide range of UK-based entertainment activities, from one-off specials to regular community events, including fairs and fetes, conferences and exhibitions as well as larger organised events.

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Health & Wellbeing

Energised in association with ‘Foyht’ will provide insurance for those practising or teaching a wide range of Holistic and Wellbeing activities. Visit our Health and Wellbeing page for further details or to request a quote.


Energised in association with Gambryce, will provide a range of cyber insurance solution to provide financial protection against dynamic cyber threats. Any Intrusion that disrupts any of your business activities can, in addition to loss of turnover, lead to brand and reputation damage, issues with regulation, shareholder/director dissatisfaction, and ultimately financial loss.