Insurance arranged for the ordinary and the extraordinary

A swim school can be anything from a ‘one man band’ to a substantial business owning several pools. write a series of policies that are designed to meet all your ‘demands and needs’. For swim schools and individual swim teachers, membership of the FoSS Association of Swim Teachers & Schools gives you the option to apply for ‘Protect’ level of membership, among three levels of membership (click here for the FoSS website). The ‘Protect’ level of membership provides insurance as a benefit of membership, to cover your professional needs along with other benefits.

The covers can include:

  • Public Liability – including Malpractice and Product Liability (This includes claims arising from the hire of premises)
  • Business equipment and stock
  • Legal Expenses
  • Business Interruption including Third Party Pool Failure
  • Employers Liability
  • Management Liability (Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance)
  • Money
  • Abuse Cover (not generally included but available if required)

We can include additional activities such as Yoga, Baby Massage and other Holistic Therapies within your insurance.

To join and obtain a quotation, please access the relevant application form below. We will usually call you to discuss the application and to ensure we have a full understanding of your requirements.

FoSS Swim Services Application

Including Insurance for Teachers, Schools, Clubs, and Pool owners/operators

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Summary of the Covers

The buildings at the Premises shown in the Schedule, including:-

  1. any Outbuildings used in connection with The Business or for domestic purposes,
  2. landlord’s fixtures, fittings and decorations,
  3. walls, gates and fences,
  4. drains, sewers, piping, ducting, cables, wires and associated control gear and accessories on the Premises and extending to the public mains,
  5. yards, car parks, roads, pavements, forecourts, all constructed of solid materials;

only if and to the extent that they are owned by You, held in trust by You or You are responsible for them.

An excess of £250.00 usually applies; but this can vary.

All property must be properly secured and an alarm warranty may apply

The insured value should represent the rebuild cost of the premises allowing for professional fees and debris removal

The purpose of business interruption insurance is to provide you with an ongoing revenue stream equivalent to the revenue/gross profit lost as the result a material damage claim to the property or contents within the property where you are working.

Business Interruption insurance may be arranged using several different policy wordings dependent on your business model.
Generally speaking: –

  • where pools are hired, we will use a loss of revenue wording
  • Where pools are owned we will use a loss of gross profit wording

An 18 hour franchise applies
The indemnity period is usually 12 months.

The contents of the Buildings at the Premises, only if and to the extent that they are owned by You, held in trust by You or You are legally responsible for them, including:-

  1. Machinery, plant, equipment,
  2. Computer Equipment,
  3. Furniture,
  4. Tenant’s Improvements, fixtures and fittings,
  5. The contents of Outbuildings,
  6. The contents of open yards,
  7. The personal effects (excluding motor vehicles) of Employees and visitors, unless more specifically insured elsewhere, for an amount not exceeding £500 in respect of any one person in the aggregate during the Period of Insurance;

An excess of £250.00 usually applies; but this can vary.

Certain restrictions apply to the items written in italics

The insured value should represent the replacement as new/reinstatement cost including debris removal,

Contents (excluding mobile phones) can be insured whilst away from your premises.

  1. Cyber, data security and multimedia
  2. Data breach response costs
  3. Information and communication asset rectification costs
  4. Regulatory defence and penalty
  5. Public relations
  6. Forensics
  7. Credit monitoring costs
  8. Cyber business interruption costs
  9. Cyber extortion
  10. Social engineering fraud

The level of excess that applies will depend on your application

The purpose of Directors and Officers Insurance is to protect the individual directors/officers from claims made against them in a personal capacity and can include the following:-

  1. D&O – Management Liability
  2. D&O – Corporate Legal Liability
  3. Employment Practices Liability
  4. Pension Trustee and Employee Benefits Liability


  • Fraudulent or dishonest acts (upon final adjudication).
  • Professional services.
  • Partner disputes.
  • Intellectual Property.
  • Anti-competitive practices.

This cover is a legal requirement for anyone who “employs” people. The term “employ” is often misunderstood. Anyone who works for you or under your guidance or control can be considered an employee in the eyes of the law, whether or not they are paid for their services.

Insurers will indemnify You against Injury caused during the Period of Insurance to any Employee arising out of and in the course of their employment by You occurring within the Territorial Limits for

  1. all sums which You shall become legally liable to pay as Damages and Claimant’s Costs and expenses in connection with The Business (as defined in the Schedule of the Policy)
  2. all costs and expenses incurred with Insurer’s written consent in respect of a claim against You to which the indemnity applies
  3. the payment of solicitors’ fees incurred with Insurer’s written consent for the representation of You at proceedings in any court arising out of any alleged act or omission resulting in a claim which may be the subject of indemnity hereunder or at any Coroner’s Inquest or Fatal Accident Inquiry

An indemnity limit of £10,000,000 is provided.

Some buildings have a considerable amount of internal glass and this can be insured to include accidental damage.

  1. Loss of Non-Negotiable Items from any cause not otherwise excluded up to a limit of £250,000 in the aggregate during the Period of Insurance whilst within the Territorial Limits;
  2. Loss of Money from any cause

Certain terms and conditions apply

An approved Safe may be required for higher limits

Stock is generally considered items held for sale or hire.

The basis of valuation will be the net cost to you.

The policy will include conditions relating to security – in premises, in third party premises, in vehicles, etc.

An excess of £250.00 will usually apply

a. Malpractice & Professional Liability

Any claim first made against the Insured during the period of insurance for any negligent act error or omission committed by the Insured or by any employee of the Insured or by any person or organisation acting on behalf of the Insured when so acting, in the course of services or contractual obligations undertaken by the Insured to a patient/client or patients/clients in or about the conduct of the Insured’s profession or as stated in the Proposal Form, or Good Samaritan Acts.

b. Public Liability

Any claim first made against the Insured during the period of insurance for bodily injury, illness, wrongful arrest or false imprisonment, disease or death of or to any person, or loss of or damage to tangible property of any person in connection with the Insured’s professional duties as stated in the Proposal Form including the provision of food and drink.

c. Products Liability

Any claim first made against the Insured during the period of insurance for any bodily injury or disease or loss of or damage to tangible property arising out of any goods or products designed, manufactured, constructed, altered, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied or distributed by the Insured in connection with the Insured’s profession. Insurers will also pay all defence costs and expenses (including Claims handling) incurred with the insurer’s consent, such consent not being reasonably withheld, in connection with any claim

The indemnity limit provided under this section is £10.0M arranged in two parts:

  1. An indemnity limit of £5,000,000
  2. An additional layer of £5,000,000 for all FOSS members
  3. There is no policy excess

The insurances arranged are with a number of specialist insurers each contributing to provide the widest possible cover for all swim schools: from the new start-up business to the second generation business with a turnover of millions.

Needless to say, we would urge you to consider all of the options. You may, of course, then choose which of the covers you consider necessary and appropriate.