A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing – Step 7: Follow Up

Regularly repeated action

Having invested time and money in identifying your ideal customer and delivered your beautifully crafted message, what do you think will happen?

It would be nice to think that customers will give you an order after the first contact, but experience shows that life isn’t like that. It takes time to be seen as a credible potential supplier and build trust. So you need to follow up – again and again and again.

The key is regularly repeated action. Marketing should be comparable to a dripping tap – not a deluge. Ensure your information, your message is delivered on a regular basis, informing and reminding people of the benefits you offer.

Regularly repeated action will keep you ahead of your competitors who are too lazy or suffer from inertia. Stay ahead of the inertia trap!

Follow up with a phone call, whenever possible. Select a few (key) people from your list and call them. You will be amazed at how often you will hear the phrase “I was going to call you…”

When someone enquires, always follow up. When someone buys, follow up.

The money is in the list, but the purchase order is in the follow up.