4 Steps to Protect Your Business Against Ransomware

Cybercrime is going to affect us all, either directly or through third parties. The average cost of a cyber-attack for companies with under 100 employees is £25,7361.

Is your business protected from the costs associated with a ransomware attack?

  • Business interruption – Lost profits whilst unable to trade due to a cyber attack
  • Lost/damaged data – Information on your system might be permanently unrecoverable
  • Public Relations – Damaged reputations can be costly to repair and have a long term impact on profits.

What can you do?
Take these steps to become more cyber resilient:

  1. Staff Education
    Cyber-attacks target the perceived weak link; people. Educate your staff to understand and recognise threats and they can become a security asset.
  2. Data Backup
    Your data is your business. Keep a copy off site and secure so you can recover your information when you need it.
  3. Update your software
    Your software providers will regularly release updates with the most recent security patches, keep updated to protect against the latest discovered threats.
  4. Insurance
    If the worst does happen a cyber insurance policy can protect your business from the financial costs associated with a cyber-attack and help you get back to doing what you do best.

If you want to know more about any of the above please visit our Cyber-risks Management page at www.bgi.uk.com/cyber





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