Animal Magic Training

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Animal Magic Training offers unrivaled animal therapy courses and some of the only diploma standard training in the UK.

We offer practitioner diploma level training in:

  • Animal Magic Healing – A unique system of hands-on energetics
  • Crystal Therapy for Animals
  • Soul Speak© Animal Communication
  • Bach Flower Therapy for Animals
  • Animal Magic Reiki©
  • AniRoma© – A unique essential oil system
  • AniHerba© – Canine & Equine Herbalism
  • C.A.T – Feline Psychology
  • Ikinesiology – Animal Kinesiology

Principal – Niki Senior is educated to the highest level and has taught professionally since 1993. She is author of the international best selling book ‘Animal Healing – Holistic Hands On Techniques by Llewellyn Worldwide. Over the past 26 years, through Animal Magic Training, Niki has taught Vets, animal behaviourists, holistic practitioners, animal trainers, people within the media & people just like you.

All professional diploma courses are offered via our unique Learn @ Home packages with video mentoring and dedicated support group. Learn @ Home training is supported with integrated video and audio content. Post-training support and guidance is also provided through our Animal Magic Training membership group.

Niki Senior teaches with passion & commitment & engages the student at each opportunity. Each Animal Magic Training© course is both stimulating and empowering. We aim to equip students with the necessary tools, not only develop their professional animal therapy practice, but also to recognise their worth as a dedicated animal health professional within the community. Many of our students go on to work alongside vets and other animal health professionals after graduation.

A few facts to compare with your current policy
  • Public Liability (Indemnity Limit £5,000,000 per insured person or business: £10,000,000 available on request)
  • Malpractice Cover & Professional Indemnity (Indemnity Limit £5,000,000: £10,000,000 available on request)
  • Products Liability (for items sold in connection with your insured business)
  • Working from home, at a client’s home, or at any owned, rented or hired premises anywhere in the world excluding the USA/Canada
  • Damage to rented/hired third party premises
  • Accidental loss or damage to your business stock and equipment
  • Overall Limit £5,000: Single item limit £1,000: excluding mobile phones
  • Libel & Slander
  • Breach of confidentiality, negligence or breach of duty of care
  • Website and e-mail infringement arising from the promotion, marketing and advertising of your insured business
  • Additional Legal Expenses (Currently only available in the UK & Ireland)
  • Geographical coverage: World Wide
  • Jurisdiction: World Wide excluding the USA & Canada (Cover may be available on request)
  • Indemnity to principals
  • Member to member liability included
  • Retro-active date 2006 or since the date you have held Medical Malpractice/Liability insurance without break or interruption
  • 36 months run off cover to allow for periods when you might not be working
  • On-line teaching and pre-recorded teaching is included. However, you should also consider additional media insurance, which is beyond the scope of this insurance
  • Loss of Reputation extension
  • Emergency First Aid and Good Samaritan Acts included

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