Credit Insurance

Commercial Insurance

What are the business’ most important assets?

Most businesses wouldn’t hesitate to protect tangible assets like buildings, machinery and stock. But the impact of payment default by one or more key customers can be just as devastating.

Who are your customers?

With business being conducted on an increasingly global scale with overseas networks of customers and suppliers, it can be much harder to get an accurate view on what buyers are up to, who they are exposed to and consequently much more difficult to get a sense of their financial security.

Staying competitive

To compete, businesses have to offer flexible and competitive terms to their buyers, but that means running the risk that they don’t get paid. Bad debts, while part of the cost of doing business, can put a company’s financial future at risk.

Our solutions offers solutions that help businesses take control of their valuable accounts receivables book and trade with the certainty that failure by a large customer won’t mean disaster for them. Our solutions include policies that insure all or part of the receivables book.