Directors’ and Officers’

Commercial Insurance

With increased regulation in employment, trading standards and health and safety, management liability (D&O) offers protection for businesses and their directors. We understand how important it is to provide cover that is tailored to your needs and, should you have to make a claim, will make sure your business is back on track as quickly as possible.

The policy can cover you in terms of protecting your personal wealth, or that of any other insured directors, partners or officers. Importantly covering defence costs incurred as a result of a claim and awards made against you.

Some examples are:

  • claims by investors or other shareholders (including other directors)
  • defence costs, compensation and fines payable as a result of a health and safety claim from an injured employee
  • defence costs and awards of claims arising from your personal involvement with the administration of any company pension
  • a breach of duty or trust
  • negligence
  • defamation
  • wrongful trading

Cover can typically include the following:

  • D&O – covers directors’ personal wealth for defence costs and awards made against them from claims such as those made by individual shareholders or for defence against claims from regulatory bodies, e.g. trading standards.
  • Employment Practice Liability – covers you and your employees against defence costs and awards from employment claims such as sexual harassment or wrongful dismissal.
  • Corporate Legal Liability – covers your client against defence costs and awards associated with events such as alleged breaches of regulations in tax, health and safety, trading standards or corporate manslaughter.

We believe Directors’ and Officers’ Liability insurance should be an important part of your insurance package, offering financial protection to those who are the director, partner or officer of a company.