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Does your business rely on multiple vehicles, BGi.uk Fleet Insurance could be the answer?


What is fleet insurance?

It’s a legal requirement to insure your vehicle. This can be a nightmare if you’re a business owner with multiple vehicles as you may have to juggle different insurance policies. There is an easier way of insuring though.

BGi.uk fleet insurance covers a fleet of vehicles. These can be registered in the name of a company, a partner or director of the company, allowing one policy to cover your whole business.

In the long run this will save the headache when trying to renew, and could end up saving you money on your insurance.

How many vehicles count as a fleet?

The amount of vehicles that insurers class as a fleet varies between companies. But most will set out a minimum and maximum.

Generally the minimum amount we can assist with is three, although the maximum can be in the thousands.

What vehicles will be covered by fleet insurance?

Not all fleet insurance policies are the same, but we are flexible with the sorts of vehicles we can cover, typically cars, vans, trucks, special types, agricultural vehicles and even plant.

A variety of business uses are covered including haulage, private hire, courier and other transportation purposes.

Optional extras available:

  • Legal Advice
  • Breakdown Cover

We will require 3 years’ confirmed claims experience from previous insurer/s in order to quote.