We place a substantial amount of home insurance.

The properties insured range from a humble croft to something rather grander.

Speak to us to ensure you have an insurance policy that covers potential losses to your property and possessions.

Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast insurance provides cover for the legal liabilities and risks you face as a proprietor.

The insurance policy allows you to combine public and employers’ liability cover with cover that’s tailored to running guest accommodation. It can also cover wet and dry stock and other contents in one easily managed policy.

Medium/High Net Worth

So, by luck, hard work or inheritance you are the owner of a beautifully furnished and possibly substantial home. However it came to be yours, you need to take good care of it.

At BGi.uk we pride ourselves in providing a personal service to provide bespoke insurance solutions to all our clients. Do call us: especially if you are not receiving the care and attention you want.

Non-standard Home Insurance

So, the web insurance quote engines will not provide you with insurance because your home:

  • is within 100 metres of a brook or on the banks of the Thames
  • is close to tall tree
  • has a suspicious looking crack running from the ground to the roof
  • has been previously underpinned
  • is used for business purposes of any sort
  • is left unoccupied day and night for a long periods
  • is eco friendly and has a wooden tile, turf or thatch roof
  • was built 800 years ago and is constructed from mud and straw

Or perhaps someone living in the home is a:

  • professional entertainer
  • professional sports person
  • bankrupt or someone with outstanding CCJs or criminal convictions
  • person previously refused insurance

We may not be able to help in every case but our track record is pretty good so far!

Standard Home Insurance

OK. So you don’t own the crown jewels or live in a home with a moat. But your home and everything in it still represents a huge proportion of your wealth and you should look after it.

At BGi.uk we take a personal interest in all of our clients, some of whom are rich and famous but most are not. Unlike the web quote engines, we will not try and make you fit the insurance; we will provide insurance that fits your requirements.

Maybe you work from home? Perhaps you have a collection of rare whiskies (a personal favourite!) or rarer butterflies? Perhaps you have installed a stair lift or a padded cell for your budding drummer? You might rent out a room for the extra income or you may have children with computers and at university.

Whatever you have, we would like to provide the right insurance designed just for you.

Park & Leisure Homes Insurance

Visit our Park and Leisure Homes pages

Property Owners Insurance

The Property Insurance Portfolio serviced by BGi.uk is wide and varied. We cater for commercial and domestic properties, single properties and substantial portfolios.

Please visit our Property Owners Insurance page for further details.