Leisure & sport businesses range in all shapes and sizes from multi activity centres, to sports clubs, equipment hirers to DJ’s, airsoft to aerobics. Based throughout the UK, they may also diversify by hosting their booking systems & possibly selling merchandise online through ecommerce stores. With the increased reliance on technology, this presents a range of new risks and challenges in additional to their day to day operation of activities. Each face unique risks relevant to their specific business, however there are also a number of similarities in the covers that a leisure business insurance policy would provide. We understand businesses face exposure to unforeseen events that could cause injury to customers or employees, or damage to premises that interrupts the company’s ability to trade.

Our package policies cover a multitude of businesses including but not limited to the following:

  • Sportspeople
  • Coaches
  • Instructors and personal trainers
  • Representatives of sporting bodies
  • Committees and associations
  • Organisers of festivals, conferences, exhibitions and sporting events
  • Leisure operators
  • Visitor attractions
  • Equipment hirers

We can combine a number of covers into one convenient package, designed with your business requirements in mind. Public and Employers’ liability cover is a fundamental part of your cover, safeguarding your business against accident injury to anyone that visits your premises, or works for you.

Contents, stock and buildings, if they are owned, will be high on your priority list. Bespoke packages will also include cover for money, goods in transit, and business interruption cover, that will protect your income and cover your expenses if your premises suffer fire, theft, or damage leaving you unable to trade.

We can support you in identifying, quantifying, and managing your insurance risk by:

Working with you to help identify your risk exposure and providing knowledgeable recommendations.
Assessing your cyber risk exposure to improve risk control and explore insurance options.
Understanding the nature of your operations to prepare and protect against potential risk exposures.

With over 20 years’ experience we genuinely are industry experts that understand the covers that are relevant to different activities in your industry. We look to do more than simply managing risk to being able to offer a tailor made insurance solution meeting your requirements.


In the material world you may have fire extinguishers and intruder alarms. You need to consider the electronic equivalent in the Cyber World. Any intrusion that disrupts any of your business activities can, in addition to loss of turnover, lead to brand and reputation damage, issues with regulation, shareholder/director dissatisfaction, and ultimately financial loss