A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing – Step 4: Strategy

How are you going to get through?

With your list of ideal prospective customers and a clear message, the next problem to overcome is how to get through to the person who needs to hear.

There is no single one-size-fits-all solution. You will need a variety of strategies and tactics dependent on your target audience.

However you get your message through, those you make contact with will check your website to make sure you are credible. Even if most of your work comes through word-of-mouth recommendation, you still need to make sure that the section of the website relevant to your marketing (and the web-site generally) is fit for purpose: current, accurate, informative and easy to navigate. Your web site is a little like wearing your heart on your sleeve. People can find out about you all by themselves: and they do!

Whatever strategies you use, your website will be the hub of your marketing. Everything should point to your website. Make sure it is fit for purpose. It should have some type of data capture facility(we use www.jotform.com)

Getting through to the right person may require a mix of strategies. In-bound marketing is like fishing with a net, trying to catch the big fish as it swims by. Methods include your website, content marketing, delivered on blog posts, article directories, social media etc. Out-bound marketing is like fishing with a harpoon gun. You are looking for and aiming at a specific target. This includes email marketing, brochures, trade shows, branded gifts, etc. We already utilise both strategies: which is best for you?

In-bound marketing relies on someone searching for what you do.

If they are not searching (perhaps they have used one company for years or don’t know you offer a better/alternative solution) you will need out-bound marketing.

To find the strategies that will work for you, go back to your customer list. How did they find you? Or did you find them? Talk to them and ask how they prefer to receive information. Consider seeking help from a marketing specialist.

With a strategy in place, let’s move on to Step 5: Planning