A Beginner’s Guide to Marketing – Step 5: Planning

Make a 12-month marketing plan

We all know we need to be marketing our business. We can get carried away with grand ideas that soon die out. It’s a bit like New Year resolutions – after a week they’re forgotten.

To make sure your good intentions don’t wither and die, make a simple 12-month activity plan. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, in fact the simpler the better. Just write down what you need to do over the next 12 months. Break that down into monthly, weekly and daily tasks et voila! – You have a basic marketing plan.

Part of your planning should be to create a process for following up on enquiries. Don’t just wing it – plan! You can do the same with a process for welcoming new customers.

Marketing isn’t rocket science – but it is a science. At its best, it is a clear process to educate, become liked, gain trust and help people to buy from you. Simplicity is the key. Simple processes work and will be used.

Just having it in writing can help you stick to your commitment. Use the TAM activity system to ensure you follow up on the right days.

Remember, nothing will happen until someone does something. You are that someone! Which brings us to Step 6: Activity.