3 Step Flood Plan For Commercial Policy Holders

It is quite noticeable that those businesses who have asked themselves the question
“What do we do in the event of a flood?” survive the effects of a flood and mitigate
the financial consequences much more successfully than those who don’t.

As usual, the choice is yours – but this is quite a useful article from Risk Stop.

3 Step Flood Plan For Commercial Policy Holders

Flood disaster planning guide

Extreme weather events have become far more frequent over the past 38
years. Globally, the number of floods and other hydrological events have
quadrupled since 1980.

In the UK, inland flooding affecting 55,000 homes and businesses in 2007 was
the worst event in over 60 years. Since then, we have seen the wettest winters
on record in both 2013-14 and 2015-16, causing some of the most extreme and
severe floods in more than a century.

Businesses with a flood plan have coped significantly better with these
increasingly frequent events. If you would like to help your commercial
policyholders and clients be better prepared, here is a basic three step
process to flood disaster planning…